Simon Mignol


French Photographer. "What the photography reproduces to infinity happens only once." R. Barthes.
Simon Mignol
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Young woman using phone while sitting on laptop
People sitting in temple at night
Statue in city against sky
People walking in town square
Portrait of smiling man wearing mask against black background
Trees and table against sky
Silhouette people on beach against sky during sunset
Young couple in front of building
Full length of man standing against blue sky
Bicycles on road
Rear view of shirtless man and woman
Low section of people riding motorcycle on road
Close-up of multi colored clothes hanging
Close-up low angle view of ceiling
Rear view of young woman standing in sea against clear sky
Full length of man on beach against clear sky
View of city lit up at night
Woman with umbrellas in building
Exterior at night
Mid adult man sitting outdoors
Rear view of car on road
Man with umbrella against sky
Portrait of smiling young woman sitting on floor
Rear view of men on sea against clear sky
Woman with umbrella
Rear view of two men
Scenic view of landscape against sky
Low angle view of ceiling
View of columns
View of building through window
Woman looking at camera
Woman sitting on table
Low angle view of built structure against clear sky
Rear view of a man standing in the dark
Scenic view of sea against sky
Scenic view of beach against cloudy sky
View of trees
Rear view of man standing in front of sea
Portrait of serious young woman against black background
Woman standing by building
Building exterior
Close-up of woman in bikini
Woman looking at restaurant
View of woman walking on wall
Woman standing in park
Train at railroad station
Scenic view of landscape against sky
Close-up of young woman
Man standing at night
Close-up of woman
one person
Reflection of trees in water
View of illuminated tunnel
View of car on road
Woman looking at illuminated light
Scenic view of sea against sky
Woman standing on road by cars on street in city
Illuminated city at night
Scenic view of landscape against sky
People in city against sky
Portrait of young woman
Group of people in party
People walking on city street
Rear view of man standing on lakeshore
Close-up of woman in bikini
Waves splashing in water
Rear view of woman sitting on tree stump
People in illuminated city at night
Cars on road against cloudy sky
Low angle view of a cat
People at night
Woman standing on grass
Trees in forest
View of building
Full length of woman standing in park
Woman standing on beach
Friends looking at view
Information sign on wall
Young woman standing in park
Buildings in city
Reflection of trees in water
Scenic view of rocky mountains
Close-up of woman standing in pond
People in city
View of built structure
View of bridge over river
Illuminated lights at night
Portrait of young woman

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