Ken Walton

San Francisco street photographer.
Ken Walton
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Midsection of woman against sky
Aerial view of landscape
Rear view of man in city against sky
Close-up of person against sky
Man standing on road
Woman standing by railing
Portrait of woman standing against closed shutter
Reflection of people on glass
Close-up of food on table
Woman standing against blue sky
Low section of woman standing on sidewalk
Scenic view of sea against cloudy sky
Plants growing on a tree
Close-up of a dog
Swimming pool
Low angle view of woman standing against blue sky
Low angle view of cloudy sky
Woman standing in city
People on grassy field in park
Close-up of plants
Close-up of dog against sky
Scenic view of sea at sunset
Close-up of woman
Low angle view of trees against sky
Close up of striped wall
Full length of woman walking on road
View of trees at night
Full length of woman holding umbrella
Midsection of woman
Low angle view of power lines against sky
Woman standing on road
Trees against sky
rear view
Close-up of woman in dark
Information sign on wall
Woman standing on city street
Close-up of woman in pond
Woman standing on footpath
View of city street
Full length of woman dancing at night
Full length of woman standing in city
Shadow of people on wall
Illuminated lights at night
Close-up of illuminated lamp at night
View of built structure
View of tree in the dark
Cars on road at night
Empty road leading towards illuminated tunnel
Woman standing on sidewalk at night
View of brick wall
Close-up of cat
Low section of woman relaxing on tiled floor
Midsection of woman holding flowers
Full length of woman standing in city
Close-up of young woman
View of built structure
Buildings in city
Full length of woman standing on wall
Low section of man standing on tiled floor