Miça Quartey

Artworker/Creative. Aspiring photographer. Owner of 2 Hungarian Pulik, dreadlock dogs. Capture life like it's the last day
Miça Quartey
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Canal amidst buildings in city
Low angle view of flags on street amidst buildings in city
Close-up of rose bouquet
Low angle view of flag against building
Close-up of a dog
Close-up of a dog
View of a bird on field
Portrait of a dog
Close-up of a dog
Black dog looking away while standing against plants
Dog lying on a field
High angle view of birds on lake
Ducks swimming in lake
High angle view of candies on table
Dog in a field
Deer eating grass on field
Close-up portrait of dog
Birds in lake
Rear view of woman in snow
Low section of horse in farm
Close-up portrait of dog
Close-up of dog lying on bed
Close-up of dog resting on blanket
Bird perching on grass
Horse on grass
Close-up of peacock
Woman on grassy field
Close-up of autumn leaves on field
Close-up of fly agaric mushroom on field
Close-up of insect on plant
Close up of red wheel
Portrait of man in snow
Metal metallic structure
Blurred motion of flying
Close-up of bird perching outdoors
Full frame shot of closed window
Plants against sky during sunset
Close-up of yellow bell peppers
Close-up of mushrooms growing on tree trunk
Close-up of insect on tree trunk
Low section of man standing on floor
Close-up of horse on field
Illuminated corridor
Surface level of field
Horse on field against sky
Close-up of ice cream
View of building exterior
Clothes hanging on wood
Low angle view of roof
View of built structure
Close-up of dog
High angle view of dog
View of cityscape at sunset
Built structure with trees in background
Illuminated building at night
animal themes
Low angle view of built structure against blue sky
Plant growing on grassy field
Dog on grassy field
Close-up of grass growing on field
Railroad station platform
Close-up of work tools on table
Low section of woman standing on tiled floor
View of illuminated building at night
Low angle view of modern building against sky
Buildings against cloudy sky at sunset
Low angle view of building against sky
Low angle view of buildings against sky
Low angle view of modern building
Low angle view of bare trees
Reflection of building on glass window
View of built structure
Wooden bench on bench
Bare trees in a row
Man standing on tree trunk in forest
Close-up of spider
Close-up of yellow flower
Close-up of plant
Close-up of red flowers
Close-up of food on table
Low angle view of trees against sky
Dog on grassy field
Woman standing on snow covered landscape
Reflection of trees in lake
View of built structure
Low angle view of birds perching on branch
Silhouette of woman in park
Low angle view of old building
Low angle view of church
Scenic view of snow covered landscape
Scenic view of landscape against sky