Chinese Language

66 Unique Pictures of Chinese Language

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Luck cards dedicated to confucius

Woman looking away amidst plants


Close-up of human hand writing chinese characters


People at illuminated city street with torii gate


Low angle view of yellow chinese lanterns

Picture frame of mao tse-tung on the entrance of tiananmen gate of heavenly peace


Close-up of chinese tea cups on table


High angle view of fabric with calligraphy brush on table

Historic building reflecting on pool


Chinese text on closed metallic door


Zebra crossing on road

Close-up of white vase on table against wall

Cathedral against sky during sunset

Cropped image of people playing mahjong on table


High angle view of city and street

Close-up of old container on table

High angle view of text on book


Woman standing against tiananmen gate

High angle view of leisure game against white background

Close-up of balloons on curtain

High angle view of food on table

Full length of cute girl holding pink while standing outdoors


Low angle view of chinese paper lanterns hanging from red wooden structure at chinatown

Close-up of chinese decoration

Close-up of man holding drink


Subway train at station platform

Low angle view of historical building against sky


Low angle view of lanterns hanging amidst buildings in city


Chinese text at temple

Cropped hands of people holding chinese wedding tea in tray


Chinese lanterns hanging by temple against sky

Portrait of smiling young man standing outdoors

High angle view of oranges on table

View of buildings in city at sunset

View of historic building against clear sky

Close-up of hanging decorations

Close-up of multi colored chairs on table

Close-up of machine

Directly above shot of mahjong on table


View of entrance of tunnel

Illuminated historic building against sky at night


Bamboo scaffolding at construction site

Close-up of decorations hanging in row


Text on wall at subway station

Mosque in city against sky


Close-up of sign board

View of cathedral against clear sky

Low angle view of plant leaves against blue sky

View of cathedral against sky

Rear view of people walking at subway station

Low angle view of flags hanging against sky during sunset

View of city buildings against sky

Full frame of sheet metal

High angle view of fruits on table

Low angle view of chinese lanterns hanging on roof


Low angle view of good luck charms hanging in store

High angle view of vegetables for sale

High angle view of turmeric in leaf on palm of hand

Information sign on box at store


High angle view of people playing mahjong at table

High angle view of koran on textile


Chinese script on door of house


Close-up of chinese text on papers


Cropped hand of person writing on paper at table


Crowded street

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