12,547 Unique Pictures of Stone Material

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Cropped Image Of Father Playing Rock Paper Scissors With Son
Low Angle View Of River With Buildings In Background
Close-Up Of Wave Splashing On Sea Against Sky At Night
Authentic lifestyle photography by Maskot photo agency. Moments Real People Diversity Lifestyles Lifestyle Photography
Low Angle View Of Brooklyn Bridge Against Sky
High Angle View Of Tombstones
Sun And Shadow Constrast On Old Building
Midsection Of Mason Caving On Tile At Workshop
Low Angle View Of Statue Against Blue Sky
High Angle View Of Suspension Bridge At Night
Full Length Of Man Throwing Stone In Lake By Mountains
Happy Family Sitting On Stone Seat Against Trees
Close-Up Of Canvas Shoes On Railing
High Angle View Of Car On Road Against Cloudy Sky
Low Section Of People With Legs In Water
Low Angle View Of Moai Statue On Mountain Against Starry Sky At Night
View Of Castle At Seaside
Low Section Of Man Walking On Sidewalk
Scenic View Of Snowcapped Mountain Against Clear Sky
Woman Standing By Historic Building Against Sky
Dog On Retaining Wall Against Clear Sky
Full Length Of Woman Leaning On Retaining Wall By Mountains Against Clear Blue Sky
Close-Up Of Water Splashing From Fountain
Low Angle View Of Historical Building Against Clear Sky
Low Angle View Of Statue Of Buddha
Lake With Trees And House Against Cloudy Sky
Scenic View Of Desert Against Clear Blue Sky
Rear View Of Man Walking On Stone Walk
Scenic View Of Mountain Against Cloudy Sky
Two Dogs Lying In Front Of Seascape
Close-Up Of Stone Stacked On Rock
Rear View Of A Woman Standing Against Wall
Wooden Object On Stone Wall
Low Section Of Woman Standing By Statue In Museum
Silhouette Of Man Standing At Built Structure Against Clear Sky
Portrait Of Young Man Standing On Tetrapod At Beach Against Sky
Rear View Of Man Standing By Retaining Wall Against Clear Sky
Empty Interior Of Building
High Angle View Of Sea
Full Frame Shot Of Stone Materials
Rear View Of Woman Looking At View Of Ponte Vecchio
View Of Surf And Pebbles At Beach
Cemetery Against Rocky Mountains
Man Walking By George Washington Monument At Garden In City Against Clear Sky
View Of Rock Formations
Rear View Of Woman Sitting On Stone Bench At Lakeshore Against Sky
Panoramic View Of Mountains Against Cloudy Sky
Close-Up Of Person Holding Rock Against Sky
Front View Of Two People Sitting On An Empty Theater
Beautiful Woman Standing Against Blue Wall
Full Length Portrait Of Young Woman Pushing Stone On Road
Statue In City
Mountain Seen Through Window At Machu Picchu
Full Frame Shot Of Stone Materials
Idyllic Shot Of Sea Against Sky
Side View Of Woman Walking With Baby Carriage
High Angle View Of Couple Sitting At Amphitheater Steps
Full Length Of Beautiful Woman Sitting By Statue Against Historic Building
Woman Standing Against Clear Sky
Built Structure On Countryside Landscape Against Mountain Range
Young Woman Playing With Dog While Holding Stick On Pebbles Shore At Beach
View Of A Drain In Between Brick And Grass
View Of Sea Against Sky In City
Close-Up Of Person Holding Rock Against Sky
High Angle View Of Child Climbing Stairs
Bells At Borobudur Temple
Meat And Knife In Butcher Shop
Tourist Enjoying Holiday In Park In City
Directly Below Shot Of Sculptures Against Clear Blue Sky
View Of Buildings Against Clear Sky
Scenic View Of Rocks In Desert Against Starry Sky
Side View Of Person Sitting Next To River Against Clear Sky
Tourists With Sky In Background
Rear View Of Man Fishing On Rock
Man Walking On Pier
Rear View Of Shirtless Man On Tetrapods At Sea Shore Against Sky
Machu Picchu Against Cloudy Sky
Close-Up Of Railroad Tracks At Station
Close-Up Of Person Holding Rock Against Sky
Low Section Of Person Standing On Wood By Pond
High Angle View Of Plants Growing By Footpath
Great Wall Of China Against Cloudy Sky
Low Angle View Of Rock Formation Against Clear Blue Sky
Panoramic View Of Church Against Sky
Horse Standing By Stone Wall On Field Against Sky
Inca Ruins Of Machu Picchu Against Cloudy Sky
Pigeons Kissing On Stone Against House
Potted Plants On Stone Wall
High Angle View Of Boy Standing With Arms Raised On Stone Against Lake
Statue Of Abraham Lincoln In Lincoln Memorial
High Angle View Of Pier Over Lake
High Angle View Of Cemetery By Town
Low Angle View Of House On Hill Against Sky
Farmer Walking On Concrete Path Amidst Grass Field
View Of Buildings In Front Of Sea Against Clear Blue Sky
Close-Up Of Male Sculpture Against Trees At Park
High Angle View Of Boat Moored In Calm Water
Photo taken in Berlin, Germany