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Low Angle View Of Street Light Against Sky
This is the winter road to Lazins, where families are going with their sledges, others with their dogs, elderly people with their sticks, because in Lazins there is a beautiful and cosy hut, where you can eat and drink and then go back on the other side of the little creek. There is a slide for sledges, too. Or you go back on a horse sledge. And next winter there will be another alpine hut - the Lazins alpine hut - at the end of the valley... EyeEm Selects Alps Betterlandscapes Landscape_Collection Eyem Best Shots Landscape Beauty In Nature Outdoors Hiking Alpine Hiking Alpine Landscape South Tyrol, Italy Outdoor Activities South Tyrol Alto Adige Mountain Snow Cold Temperature Winter Snowcapped Mountain Polar Climate Glacier Clear Sky Frozen Sky
This picture is taken a week ago. I remember some winters during my adolescence, where it was very hard to get up in the early morning, because my train to school started at 05:44 in the morning. And I had a long walk first to get to the train station. So I always carried one extra pair of trousers with me. In the train I changed the trousers - as they were usually wet from the walk and I left the wet pair in Munich Train Station in the Grüner Saal. There was a waitress who dried the trousers of all us early morning birds arriving with the 07:16 Orient Express. And when we went back in the late afternoon, we got our trousers back from another waitress, as they had shift changes meanwhile. What a funny remembrance. If I tell that to persons who always have lived in a city without those early morning walks, they consider me having lived in the Medieval 😂. I wish all of you a perfect Thursday with funny remembrances of your childhood 🌹 EyEm Selects Hiking Alpine Landscape Alpine Hiking Outdoors Beauty In Nature Bavarian Landscape Bavarian Alps Outdoor Activities Sunshine ☀ Karwendel Karwendelgebirge Mittenwald Mountain Snow Cold Temperature Winter Snowcapped Mountain Water Polar Climate Mountain Peak Sky Mountain Range
Palm Trees Cityscape Tree Palm Tree Cityscape City House Residential Building Sky Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Housing Settlement Town TOWNSCAPE Old Town
Telephone Line Old Buildings Sunset Sunset Silhouettes Cityscape City View  Cityscape Sunset City Industry Metal Industry Skyscraper Business Finance And Industry Construction Site Sky Architecture Office Building Crane - Construction Machinery Tower Construction Urban Skyline Tall - High Clock Tower Tall Construction Machinery
Architecture Low Angle View Built Structure Building Exterior No People Day Sky Clear Sky Nature Blue Window Building The Past History Sculpture Outdoors Human Representation City Art And Craft Statue House Singer The House Of Books
Statue In City Against Cloudy Sky During Sunset
Houses On Mountain Against Sky
Flower Pot Flowering Plant Door Entrance Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Plant Entryway Entry Doorway Open Door Potted Plant Gate
In memory of Lucio Dalla, famous italian singer, silhouette made with nails on the wall of his house in Bologna Lucio Dalla Italian Singer Architecture Shadow Built Structure Building Exterior Sunlight Building Nature Real People Window Plant Day People House Lifestyles Men Leisure Activity Outdoors Residential District Potted Plant Musician Singer/Song Writer Artist
Coming down on Christmas 2018 from Mutegg, in Val Último (Ultental), I passed these farms. You could only see the roofs, and it looked like if the roofs were staying together to build a safe unit against the dangers, fierceness and unpredictability of nature. I imagined all the people living and having lived in there. Did they feel protected and safe? How many times must they have rebuilt these roofs after a storm or an avalanche? I wish all of us a protected and safe Friday 🌹 Bnw_friday_eyeemchallenge Bnw_roofs Ultental EyEm Selects Myhikes Hiking Alpine Landscape Alpine Hiking Outdoors Beauty In Nature Alto Adige South Tyrol, Italy South Tyrol Mountain Range Outdoor Activities Snowcapped Mountain Val último Tree Agriculture Rural Scene Mountain Sky
This is the Kalterer See (Lago di Caldaro). Everything is still quiet, very few people to be seen. The restaurants, cafés and strand bars are still closed. Everywhere you see the tags, that season start is beginning of April. I've never seen this lake so calmly. I wish you all a wonderful Wednesday 🌹 EyEm Selects Hiking Alpine Landscape Alpine Hiking Outdoors Beauty In Nature Alto Adige South Tyrol, Italy South Tyrol Mountain Range Outdoor Activities Sunshine ☀ Spring Water Mountain Nautical Vessel Clear Sky Reflection City Lake Harbor Sky Building Exterior

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