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High Angle View Of Earthenware On Mat For Sale
High Angle Portrait Of Girl Holding Plate With Clay Sculpture On Grass
High Angle View Of Girl Holding Plate With Clay Sculpture On Floorboard
Backgrounds of Colony Characteristics of Mold under the microscope. Molding A Shape Mold Colony Colony Of Bees Backgrounds Background Background Texture Laboratory Laboratory Work Laboratory Experiments Microbiologycal Laboratory  Microbiology; Microbiology Laboratory Microbiology Bacteria Bacteria Lab Bacterialcolony Bacteria, Samples Samplesize Actinomyces Science And Technology Science Organisms Organism Bread Bread Roll Rhizopus Educational Education Event Education Danger Danger Zone Danger! Hygiene Concept Hygiene Diseased Plant Disease Micro Microscope Biotechnology; Food; Fruit; Gmo; Injection; Laboratory; Medicine; Poison; Modified; Needle; Health; Chemical; Experiment; Concept; Science; Technology; Drug; Genetic; Genetically; Isolated; Research; Biology; Modification; Engineering; Red; Apple; Organic
E-San Style. E-san Food E-san Hanging Close-up Pottery Decorative Urn Craft Product Decorative Art Terracotta Pot Craft Clay Earthenware ArtWork Myanmar Culture Handmade Pitcher - Jug Bagan Art And Craft Product Dreamcatcher Sculpted Needlecraft Product Origami Sculptor Molding A Shape Vase Ceramics Many
crow EyeEm Selects Tree Close-up Plant Flower Head Blooming Terracotta Petal Stem Earthenware Bagan Myanmar Culture Molding A Shape Pot Pagoda Ayuthaya Province Ceramics Pottery Bud Sculptor Growing In Bloom Fragility Pollen Flower Pot Plant Life Clay
Sculptor carving the clay monk image. Thai sculpture artist molding and carving clay for making famous monk image. The craftsman concentrate to use the tools carving for art work Craftsman Molding Molding Clay Sculpting A Perfect Body Carving Carving - Craft Product Clay Art Clay Dolls Clay Sculpture Clay Work Close-up Concentrating Concentration Craftsman Working Craftsmanship  Cutting Day Food Freshness Holding Human Body Part Human Hand Indoors  Lifestyles Men Molding A Shape Moldings Monk  Monk Ima Monk Statue Occupation People Real People Red Sculptor Sculpture Sculpture Detail Skill  Thai Sculpture Thai Sculture Two People Water Working
this making clay Pot handicraft at Bhaktapur. Nepal. Travel Destinations Nature Outdoors Nepal Kathmandu Travel Human Hand Hand Art And Craft Unrecognizable Person One Person Creativity Molding A Shape Human Body Part Working Indoors  Real People Making Clay Motion Spinning Craftsperson Pottery Skill  Expertise Craft Preparation  Finger Mud ASIA Asian  Art Eyeemnepal Eyeemkathmandu Clay Work Claypot Clay Art
earthenware No People Close-up Industry Still Life Indoors  Motion Shape High Angle View Day Construction Industry Art And Craft Focus On Foreground Pattern Craft Abandoned Spinning Workshop Design Selective Focus Earthenware Earthenware Pot Earthenware Product Koh Kret Koh Kret, Nonthaburi Nonthaburi Device Tool Tools Equipment Mold Moldova Molding A Shape Sculpture Sculptures Sculpted Form Kneading Fashion Clay Clay Work Claypot Clay Sculpture Clay Pot Crafts Craftsmanship  Craftsperson Craftsman Working Handcraft Handmade Handmade Pottery Handmade Earthenware
tiny little feet of children on leg Ancient Art Artistic Brown Ceramic Circle Circular Clay Container Craft Creativity Crock Crockery Decor Decoration Decorative Earthen Earthenware Finger FreeTime Girl Hand Handmade Home Industry Jug Leisure Light Made Market Old Pattern Pot Potter Pottery School Sculpture Skill  Throwing  Traditional Vase Vietnam Vietnamese Wet Wheel Work
TEPAK SIREH - A quid of betel‑that is betel (sirih) leaves, betel nut (pinang) tobacco and gambir combined and folded neatly together and sometimes held in place by a clove, reflects Malay life as a whole and the value placed by the Malay community upon traditional customs (adat) and codes of behaviour. To some the folded leaves symbolise unity. Further devotion to adat is symbolised by the placing together in a sirih container (tepak sirih) of the various ingredients that constitute a quid of betel, for the arrangement is not done haphazardly. There are precise sections that hold the ingredients. The offering of sirih indicates the value placed upon respect for others and upon refined behaviour. Close-up Food And Drink Earthenware Mortar And Pestle Serving Size Cooking Utensil Served Prepared Food Pottery Shrimp Noodles Terracotta Grinding Cast Iron Clay Salmon Things That Go Together Ready-to-eat Coriander Molding A Shape Ceramics Urban Scene Skillet- Cooking Pan Sculptor Serving Tray Pot
Close-Up Of Clay Handicrafts For Sale At Market Stall
Foundry Metalwork Blacksmith  Jeweller Ingot Jewelry Store Steel Mill Grinding Recycling Center Workbench Hammer Furnace Instrument Maker Molding A Shape Shoemaker Grinder Workshop Hand Tool Molten Metal Industry Welder
Human Hand Hand One Person Human Body Part Real People Pottery Focus On Foreground Holding Occupation Art And Craft Skill  Working Clay Craft Making Expertise Men Creativity Indoors  Preparation  Finger
Potter shaping clay on the pottery wheel Hand Art And Craft Craft Skill  Clay Pottery Close-up Making Spinning Creativity Sculptor Mud Finger Working Indoors  One Person Human Hand Pot Class ArtWork Artist Asian  Cappadocia Ceramics Design
Cropped Hand Of Woman Putting Mobile Phone In Garbage Bin
The technician man is repairing the vintage style saxophone instrument. EyeEm Best Shots Musical Instrument Saxophone Human Hand Working Business Finance And Industry Metal Industry Occupation Work Tool Close-up Workbench Foundry Workshop Hand Tool Instrument Maker Blacksmith  Jeweller Craftsperson Carpentry Molten Metalwork Pliers Jewelry Store Hammer Grinder Spanner Molding A Shape Hand Saw Recycling Center Carpenter Furnace
Human Hand Hand Skill  Pottery Craft Art And Craft Spinning Clay Molding A Shape Motion Making Creativity One Person Human Body Part Expertise Working Occupation Unrecognizable Person Real People Preparation  Mud Finger Human Limb
Art And Craft Pottery Human Hand Spinning Craft Hand Occupation Clay Skill  Molding A Shape Working Creativity Making One Person Dirt Human Body Part Mud Expertise Motion Craftsperson Preparation  Outdoors
Girls showing a plate of clay figures in the countryside of Guatavita, Colombia Creativity Fun Isolated Learning Art Childhood Childhood Memories Clay Craft Cute Education Girl Hand Handmade Kid Modeling Molding A Shape Plasticine Play
Hand Human Hand Pottery Spinning Craft Art And Craft Clay Human Body Part Molding A Shape Skill  Motion Creativity Unrecognizable Person Working Making One Person Expertise Craftsperson Occupation Real People Body Part Mud Preparation  Finger
Human Hand Hand Skill  Pottery Art And Craft Working Craft Clay Spinning One Person Human Body Part Molding A Shape Making Expertise Creativity Motion Indoors  Occupation Real People Close-up Preparation  Body Part Finger Mud Human Limb
Hands of a potter. Potter making ceramic pot on the wheel. Bhaktapur Nepal. Human Hand Hand Human Body Part Occupation Working Focus On Foreground One Person Indoors  Art And Craft Creativity Close-up Skill  Holding Craft Pottery Molding A Shape Finger Real People Pot Workshop Fingers Vase Wet Ceramics Spinning Around
Pottery Making
Human Hand Teamwork Water Child Togetherness Working Cooperation Women Clay Skill  Flour Molding A Shape Molding A Shape Pottery Pot Terracotta Pastry Cutter Baking Bread Muddy Mud Baker - Occupation
ขนมครก Streetfood Human Hand City Craftsperson Store Market Merchandise Clay Business Finance And Industry Close-up Pottery Market Stall For Sale Street Market Molding A Shape Sculptor Market Vendor Pot Stall Price Tag Craft Product Street Food Flower Market Terracotta
Human Hand City Working Skill  Occupation Clay Making Close-up Pottery Ceramics Craftsperson Decorative Urn Terracotta Earthenware Myanmar Culture Craft Product Art And Craft Product Blacksmith  Sculptor Dreamcatcher Molding A Shape Craft Instrument Maker
Mixing Bowl Ready-to-eat Served Finger Pastry Prepared Food Prepared Food Batter Indian Food Electric Mixer Pottery Mixing Wire Whisk Mixing Kneading Making A Cake Turmeric  Pancake Banana Leaf Shrimp Curry Serving Size Pot Rice - Food Staple Pot Earthenware Stirring Molding A Shape Cookbook Noodles Capture Tomorrow Moments Of Happiness It's About The Journey EyeEmNewHere 2018 In One Photograph The Minimalist - 2019 EyeEm Awards The Street Photographer - 2019 EyeEm Awards The Traveler - 2019 EyeEm Awards The Great Outdoors - 2019 EyeEm Awards My Best Photo The Foodie - 2019 EyeEm Awards
earthenware Large Group Of Objects Indoors  Choice Art And Craft Variation No People High Angle View Cup Craft Abundance Drink Ceramics Food And Drink Porcelain  Close-up Hot Drink Mug Tea Cup Antique Teapot Crockery Earthenware Earthenware Pot Earthenware Product Koh Kret Koh Kret, Nonthaburi Nonthaburi Device Tool Tools Equipment Mold Moldova Molding A Shape Sculpture Sculptures Sculpted Form Kneading Fashion Clay Clay Work Claypot Clay Sculpture Clay Pot Crafts Craftsmanship  Craftsperson Craftsman Working Handcraft Handmade Handmade Pottery Handmade Earthenware
Hands of a potter. Potter making ceramic pot on the wheel. Bhaktapur Nepal. Human Hand Hand Art And Craft Human Body Part Craft Occupation Clay Spinning Pottery Creativity Working Close-up Motion Skill  Molding A Shape Indoors  Focus On Foreground Real People Finger Mud Handcraft Handmade Shaping Close Up
Clay! White Flower Clay Clay Work Molding A Shape Studio Shot Close-up Green Color Flower Head Petal Blooming In Bloom Single Rose Single Flower
Clay Rose - Flower Clay Claywork Flower Studio Shot Multi Colored Close-up Molding A Shape Rose Petals Single Rose
Cerramicca Product Photography Eating Photos StillLifePhotography Coffee - Drink Professionalphotography Studio Shot Studio Photography Delicious Astrology Sign Red Clay Close-up Earthenware Pot Pottery Molding A Shape Tea Kettle Sculptor Kettle Tea Ceremony Many Ceramics Craft Product Teapot Decorative Art Embroidery Art And Craft Product Porcelain  Terracotta
pots. Pattern Pattern, Texture, Shape And Form Clay Earthenware Business Finance And Industry Brown Workshop Close-up Pottery Terracotta Pot For Sale Molding A Shape Arrangement Display Repetition

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