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Be prepared, work hard, and hope for a little luck. Recognize that the harder you work and the better prepared you are, the more luck you might have! Adult Adults Only Astronomy Beauty In Nature Constellation Galaxy Men Milky Way Milkyway Nature Night Night Photography Nightphotography One Man Only Outdoors People Scenics Science Silhouette Sky Space Space And Astronomy Star Star - Space Starfall
Astronomy Beautiful Nature Beauty In Nature Dark Landscape Meteor Milky Way Nature Night Perseids Sky Star Tree
A bright, green meteor streaks through the Milky Way above Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona. Arizona Arizona Sky Sedona Astronomy Astrophotography Background Beauty In Nature Cathedral Rock Galaxy Meteor Shower Milky Way Nature Night Red Rocks  Rock Formation Scenics - Nature Sky Space Star Star - Space Star Field Starry Tourist Destination Tranquility Travel Destinations
Lighsaber Meteor Astronomy Beauty In Nature Constellation Flashlight Galaxy Illuminated Infinity Lightsaber Meteor Shower Mountain Nature Night Non-urban Scene Perseid Perseid Meteor Shower Scenics - Nature Sky Space Star Star - Space Star Field Tranquil Scene Tranquility The Great Outdoors - 2018 EyeEm Awards EyeEmNewHere Capture Tomorrow
In the still of the night Astronomy Corvatsch Engadin Fireball Illuminated Long Exposure Meteor Night Nightphotography Nightsky Perseid Meteor Shower Perseids SilsMaria Silvaplana Sky Switzerland Tranquil Scene Breathing Space
Meteor Shower Meteor Nightphotography Overnight Success Miles Away
Perseid meteor shower over Gairbaldi Lake, early morning hours of August 12, 2016 Perseid Perseids Perseid Meteor Shower Perseidmeteorshower Perseidsmeteorshower Perseid2016 Meteor Meteor Shower Meteorite Garibaldi Garibaldi Provincial Park
Perseids 2018 Falling Star Mars Astronomy Galaxy Meteor Shower Milky Way Night Perseids Perseids 2018 Sky Space
Peak night for Perceids | At Cottonwood Lake No. 5, a nonstop gale of winds made it extremely difficult to stay put at the lake shore while taking some long exposure shots. It eventually forced me to retrieved to my tent for shelter till the sky actually got dark so that I could shoot the Milky Way. Upon returning back to the lake, I wrapped myself in my 15 degree sleeping bag the whole time. It turned out to be, although I didn’t make the connection then, the peak night for the Perceid Meteor Shower. While counting 7 meteors with my bare eyes, I caught 4 of them on this 2 exposure (33 sec and 184 sec) stacked shot. Cottonwood Lake No. 5, Sierra Nevada, CA Galaxy Perceids Astronomy Beauty In Nature Cottonwood Lakes Galaxy Lake Meteor Shower Milky Way Mountain Mountain Range Nature Night No People Outdoors Scenics Sierra Nevada Sky Star - Space Stars Tranquil Scene Tranquility Water Waterfront
Astronomy Beauty In Nature Galaxy Long Exposure Nature Night No People Outdoors Perseid Meteor Shower Perseids Perseids 2018 Scenics - Nature Sky Space Star Star - Space Tree Woods
Could not have been timed any better JMT DAY 7 - MILKY WAY OVER DUCK LAKE Milky Way over Duck Lake It was getting dark fast at Duck Lake once the sun fell behind the mountains. The twilight sky was clear of clouds, and the winds stopped blowing fairly often to let the stars shine in the water. In order to capture the reflection of the Milky Way, I knew I had to be on the opposite side of the lake (as opposed to the outlet of the lake where most of the campsites were), so I decided to hike up the trail towards Mammoth Crest, aka Duck Lake Pass. I didn’t know how far up the trail that I had to trek to find a spot. By the time I was settled down on a huge slab in the talus off the trail, which was precarious, to say the least, the reflection of the galaxy was almost reaching the lakeshore. I quickly set up my cameras. In the company of Mars, Jupiter and meteoroids, the galactic core shone brightly and was majestically traversing across the heavenly body. The Perseid Meteor Shower continued throughout the night, which I lost count after a while. Although I enjoy this particular meteor shower every August, I thought to myself that it could not have been timed any better than this night to witness the spectacular astronomical event unfolding before my eyes. Duck Lake, Sierra National Forest, CA Perseid Meteor Shower Perseids Mars Sierra National Forest Eastern Sierra Duck Lake, CA Mountain Peak Outdoors Reflection No People Mountain Range Idyllic Lake Galaxy Nature Astronomy Tranquility Tranquil Scene Water Mountain Star - Space Sky Beauty In Nature Night Scenics - Nature
Milky Way in Valensole lavender fields with an Irium Flare France Night Starry Night Starry Sky Fields And Sky Field Lavender Light Pollution Irium Flare Meteor Shower Shooting Stars Irium Satellite Satellite Astronomy Galaxy Space Star - Space Star Trail Space Exploration Star Field Starry Infinity Calm Satellite View Star
Meteor Thinking Astronomy Clear Sky Explore Galaxy Meteor Shower Milky Way Nature Night One Person Outdoors People Perseid Meteor Shower Rear View Silhouette Sky Space Standing Star - Space Stars Universe
"Under The Billion Stars" #startrail Falling Star Night Photography Nightphotography Astronomy Beauty In Nature Forest Galaxy Human Long Exposure Low Angle View Men Meteor Shower Mountain Nature Night Outdoors Photography Real People Rock - Object Silhouette Sky Star - Space Star Field Star Trail EyeEm Selects EyeEmNewHere Breathing Space EyeEmNewHere
Geminid Meteor Shower 2010 - A variety of amino acids, the building blocks for life, have been found on meteors, the debris from comets. The rock formations here are calcium carbonate. Calcium is formed in supernovae. 2010 California December EyeEm Ready   Meteor Night Photography Pinnacles Rock Formation USA Astronomy Astrophotography Calcium Carbonate Canonphotography Eastern Sierra Geminidmeteorshower Geminids Inyo County Meteor Shower Night Nightscape Rock Hoodoo Sky Stars Trona Pinnacles Tufa
Just before sunrise in the Haleakala crater. Haleakala Maui Meteor Shower Miles Away Milkyway Galaxy Space Self Portrait Colour Of Life Torch Unrecognizable Person Silhouette Stars Sky Night Hiking Remote Desert Crater Hawaii National Park Nature Copy Space Adventure Finding New Frontiers The Great Outdoors - 2017 EyeEm Awards
Astronomy Beauty In Nature Direction Environment Field Galaxy Land Landscape Nature Night No People Non-urban Scene Outdoors Perseid Meteor Shower Perseids Road Scenics - Nature Sky Space Star - Space The Way Forward Tranquil Scene Tranquility
Perseid meteor ☄ Star - Space Astronomy Night Milky Way Space And Astronomy Space Galaxy Constellation Science Landscape Star Field Sky Nature Field Outdoors Beauty In Nature Scenics Rural Scene Beauty No People Perseid Meteor Shower Roof Shooting Stars Astrophotography Perseids The Week On EyeEm Perspectives On Nature
Shooting star over reservoir with mountain night sky. Meteor Panorama Science Astronomy Astronomy Photography Beauty In Nature Lake Landscape Milky Way Nature Night Outdoors Plant Reservoir Scenics - Nature Shower Sky Space Star Star - Space Starscape Universe Water
Perseidas 2017 Galaxy Milky Way Mountain Range Nigth  Perseid Meteor Shower Sky Star - Space EyeEmNewHere
Falling Star Astronomy Beauty In Nature Galaxy Idyllic Landscape Milky Way Mountain Mountain Peak Mountain Range Nature Night No People Outdoors Perseid Meteor Shower Scenics - Nature Silhouette Sky Space Star Star - Space Star Field Tranquil Scene Tranquility
Perseidmeteor Shawnee in Iran Desert Nightphotography EyeEm Best Shots Saturn Mars Summer Space Nikon D750 Long Exposure Iran Travel Photography Astrophotography Starry Night Milkyway Night Nightscape Meteor Perseid Meteor Shower Star - Space Night Sky Astronomy Galaxy Space Scenics - Nature Beauty In Nature Milky Way Landscape Star Space And Astronomy Constellation
Star Trails in Tuscany during Perseid Meteor Shower 2018 Summer Solitary Lights Startrails Tuscany Pisa Italy Hills Countryside Alone Night Nightscape Nightsky Sky Landscape Meteor Shower Cypress Astronomy Star Trail Space Galaxy Star - Space Concentric Silhouette Long Exposure Milky Way Star Field Space And Astronomy Starry
Milky way over The Netherlands during the perseids meteor shower. Netherlands The Netherlands Dutch Holland Star Stars Astronomy Perseids Meteor Meteor Shower Nightscape Night Tree Nature Landscape Milky Way Astro Photography Veluwe Galaxy Sky Star - Space Space Outdoors
Astronomy Stars Startrails Astrophotography Polestar Northstar Nightphotography Nature Meteor Perseids Meteor Shower Milkyway
At least one meteor per shot | The darker the night got, the more gorgeous our galaxy looked. The Milky Way had risen over an hour by then, so I knew that I was not too far away from witnessing a moonrise for the night. Maybe another hour. When the clear night sky definitely was welcoming, the winds were not. The gale of winds didn’t calm down, pretty much as long as I was at the lake, so capturing the reflection of the galaxy in the water was out of the question. Nonetheless, the Perceid Meteor Shower never disappointed me, and I caught at least one meteor per shot. Cottonwood Lake No. 5, Sierra Nevada, CA Meteor Perceids Reflection Astronomy Astrophotography Beauty In Nature Cottonwood Lakes Galaxy Lake Landscape Long Exposure Meteor Shower Milky Way Mountain Nature Night No People Outdoors Scenics Sky Star - Space Starry Tranquil Scene Tranquility Water
In stream of meteoroids | JMT DAY 6 - MILKY WAY AND PERSEIDS OVER DEER CREEK Milky Way and Perseids over Deer Creek Ever lingering smoke at Reds Meadow, predominantly from Lions Fire, gradually dissipated as we continued our journey southbound. The skies cleared up, and the fresh air filled our lungs. And we were assured by the northbound hikers that the rest of the trail would be clear of smoke. When we arrived at Deer Creek Campground, not a single soul was seen at first. Although later three more hikers joined us, solitude was easily found. While my JMT buddy Henry journaling the day on the voice recorder, I was scouting the area for sunset and night photography. The downside of camping here and later on at other creeks, as far as photography was concerned, was that it was quite challenging to find clearings, specifically for the galactic core, while having interesting subjects in the foreground. However, one of the upsides was that it got very dark at nightfall. As we were two nights away from the supposedly most visible night of the Perseid Meteor Shower this year, I was extremely delighted by the sight of the heavenly body already frequently showered in the stream of meteoroids. While the galaxy was slowly plying across the star strewn sky. While Mars was smearing its red glow on the water surfaces here on earth. Deer Creek, Sierra National Forest, CA Forest Beauty In Nature Tranquility Scenics - Nature Tranquil Scene Nature No People Night Water Non-urban Scene Idyllic Outdoors Sky Deer Creek, Sierra Nevada, CA Milky Way Galaxy Meteor Shower Perseid Meteor Shower Perseids Stars Astrophotography
Shootingstar Perseid Meteor Shower Nightphotography Starscape Perseid2016 Speedgraphic Astronomy Vintage Camera Astrophotography Black And Blue
Galaxy Star - Space Night Astronomy Milky Way Space Science Sky No People Constellation Nature Backgrounds Outdoors EyeEm Selects EyeEm Best Shots EyeEm Perseid Meteor Shower
Astronomy Beach Beauty In Nature Constellation Meteor Shower Nature Night One Man Only One Person Outdoors People Sky Space Space And Astronomy Star - Space Star Field Solitude Miracle Wondrous Universe
Smoke and Fire residuals make a pretty sweet Milky Way shot. The Meteor Shower was cool too. // Glacier National Park Nightscape Astrophotography Milkyway Stars Self Portrait
Meteor Shower in The Netherlands Meteor Shower The Netherlands Holland Stars Long Exposure First Eyeem Photo Color Of Life
Night Photography Perseids Meteor Shower Astronomy Backgrounds Beauty In Nature Blue Constellation Full Frame Galaxy Low Angle View Meteor Shower Milky Way Nature Night No People Outdoors Perseids Scenics - Nature Sky Space Star Star - Space Star Field Tranquil Scene Tranquility HUAWEI Photo Award: After Dark HUAWEI Photo Award: After Dark It's About The Journey
Star Startrails Perseid Meteor Shower Perseids Stars Relaxing Enjoying Life Night View Night Lights Night Photography Nightphotography Skyscraper Skyporn
I was freezing my nuts off watching the Perseid meteor shower in the Peak District last night. Managed to mess a load of shots up but also managed to get a few nice ones. Looking up at the stary night sky sure makes you feel small Meteor Shower Nightphotography Night Sky Astrophotography Stars Photography Getting Inspired Capture The Moment Landscape_photography Landscapes With WhiteWall KIOMI Kiomi Collection
2 Perseids shooting stars on 12.8.2018 above, right of the Airplan-trail Schnittmuster Like Dressmaking Pattern Perseid Meteor Shower 2 Shooting Stars Astronomy Beauty In Nature Building Building Exterior House Illuminated Low Angle View Nature Night Outdoors Perseids Plant Scenics - Nature Sky Space Star - Space Star Trails Tree Spiral Galaxy Star Field Space And Astronomy Space Exploration HUAWEI Photo Award: After Dark
Milky Way at Appledurcombe House, Isle of Wight. Mysterious Romantic Summer Perseid Meteor Shower Spooky Haunted Abandoned Professional Composition Countryside Estate Historical Building Sky Forest Pine Trees Long Exposure Old Building  Light Painting Illuminated Night Star - Space No People Beauty In Nature Astronomy Low Angle View Outdoors Milky Way Galaxy Tree Nature EyeEmNewHere
Night Beauty In Nature Star - Space Low Angle View Scenics Astronomy Tranquil Scene Tranquility Nature Sky Silhouette Outdoors No People Galaxy Starry Tree Constellation Space Shootingstar Meteor Shower Milkway
while I made sure everything was set, this shooting star went right through my picture Falling Star Meteor Astronomy Beauty In Nature Galaxy Idyllic Infinity Low Angle View Nature Night No People Outdoors Perseid Meteor Shower Perseids Plant Scenics - Nature Shooting Star Sky Space Star Star - Space Star Field Tranquil Scene Tranquility Tree EyeEmNewHere HUAWEI Photo Award: After Dark
Perseida Perseid Meteor Shower Perseids Nigthpicture Long Exposure Milky Way EyeEmNewHere EyeEm Selects EyeEm Best Shots EyeEm Nature Lover Meteor Astronomy Galaxy Space Milky Way Star Trail Star - Space Constellation Space Exploration Science Star Field Starry Telescope Infinity Astrology Space And Astronomy Hand-held Telescope Star Sky Only Astronomy Telescope Nebula
Perseid Low Angle View Scenics Tranquil Scene Tranquility Night Beauty In Nature Tree Star - Space Sky Astronomy Infinity Star Field Nature Majestic Space Outdoors Galaxy Perseid Meteor Shower EyeEm Full Frame
EyeEm Best Shots Meteor Astronomy Bare Tree Beauty In Nature Constellation Galaxy Low Angle View Meteor Shower Milky Way Milkyway Nature Night No People Outdoors Scenics Sky South America Space Star - Space Star Field Stars Starscape Tranquility Tree EyeEmNewHere

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