night, circle, astronomy, moon, planetary moon, full moon, dark, sphere, beauty in nature, moon surface, sky, nature, space exploration, space, low angle view, scenics, tranquility, copy space, no people, discovery

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Photo by Stella

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Apps: Photo Wizard, iColoramaS, MarbleCam, Super Photo
Fantastic image❤✨❤ brilliant simplicity✨ I'm glad you made the popular page with this one too
Wow! This is great, Stella.
@metraci was autocorrect messing with you? Did you mean your iPod? Apple Support and many on Apple Forums often caution against restoring from iTunes backup if a corrupt app is causing error, but I surmise from what you say here you restored iPod from backup which rolled you back to previous version of IOS? (Same one I'm still running - 6.0.1 and that solved your problems? Would love to know for selfish reasons!
You are so welcome for letting you know about the popular page... I wish I could figure out what determines weather we make it or not... and also would be nice if the team let us know that we're there. The popular page on Instagram seem to be only for young teenage kids who got a lot of likes and had a lot of followers probably that they bought from those Streamzoo it seem to be needing 100 likes in a short amount of time... I made it twice but it wasn't easy... But at least they let you know... May I ask what this was that you shot..?... or was it an app that you played with...?... its really wonderful❤
@roseknows how kind of you to ask! This was the Harlequin Orchid, which was 2 iPhone shots originally (look back in my feed a little ways - the orchid part wasn't posted alone, just the shed shadows shot was posted alone) blended and symmetried in Photo Wizard and repeated in iColoramaS, then run through iColoramaS much more including using masks, back into PW to blend with some results of previous step plus adding a bokeh effect. Then into Marblecam, then into Super Photo, then iColoramaS to create the orb. I did a little blurring of the orb center (also employing masks) in PW and added the text there too. Have your eyes glazed over yet? It's not a one button, recipe type process. People don't usually care to know once I start explaining.
@roseknows I think EyeEm must have chosen not to inform us of pop page because of the kind of behavior focusing on getting there engenders, but I'm just guessing. Honestly, I choose not to dwell on it. I rarely look at it and often when I do it's accidentally. I hate the kind of behavior people stoop to to get on pop page, like following only to get attention and then unfollowing a little later. Or liking for the same reason. I find it irritating.
Sorry for not being clear. It's confusing because I have an iPod and an iPad. I restored iPad from computer back up, not iPod. iPad seems to be working fine now, but iPod will only allow me to scroll a few minutes of feed before crashing. I didn't know I wasn't supposed to do that. The darn things don't come with manuals. We're expected to google the info, but how the heck can you do that if you don't know how to work your device? Just sayin...
@metraci you didn't know you weren't supposed to do what? As far as I can tell, you aren't doing anything wrong or that you weren't supposed to do. You DO know how to work your device. It just doesn't work the way it's supposed to! How frustrating! Again, @team, is anyone else reporting this issue?
@metraci by the way, you were quite clear. I had just thought that your iPad issues were transient and had already been resolved, thus my confusion. But I guess you were relating how you resolved it. My misunderstanding. Sorry!
Who's on first?
Sorry, couldn't resist that!
@metraci no one's on first. Who just stole second!
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Thanks for taking the time to look.