illuminated, night, no people, indoors, black background, close-up, nature
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Photo by Gryllus Minimus

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Nice tennis👍tron style
Magic. ..........👏👏👏
Fantastic of Gryllus!!!
And you feel like 13 again ;-)
i had one like this at my childhood , me and my entire generation was obssessed about it , walking shiney in the dark haha , nice captured too :)
And: I like your profile photo. You are a beautiful woman, nice eyes!
@Ahmed1919 yes? We didn't so now it's time to catch up.😊 Also I will try to dance in a long exposure photo... But yes, they are so addictive 😄
@franziBerlin eyes.. i like them too😊 The rest.... But thank you so much🌷
@GryllusMinimus , old ad for a brand called amigo the shiney :)) that was it
Those shoes are your famous brand!
@Ahmed1919 i feel so young now😄 Thank you!
@GJA29 no, no brand. PRC made. ☺
.....i love this modern fairy tale! :)
@GryllusMinimus're welcome Gryllus! You've done really a cool Interpretation of Cinderella! LG
@Z______ I should have thrown one away in the sea:))
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Photos. Thank you.