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Deftones – Tempest. Take out the stories they’ve put into your mind and brace for the glory, as you stare into the sky. The sky beneath, I know you can’t be tired. Lay there, stare at the ceiling and switch back to your time. Just go ahead now, try and t Treetastic ee_daily eye4emotions my state of mind Eyes and Ears: My Pics' Soundtrack
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@ColoradoJulie Thanks - I loved the tones too. Thanks for liking it. It means a lot coming from someone who takes great pics! @ColoradoJulie
@metraci thanks hun. I like this one how it came out. Thanks again :)
Beautiful shot and words Annie @dontget2close
Beautiful words - I enjoy your directions. The pic is fantastic and works well with the shot
@IanSeine @n4pper01 Thanks guys! I got inspired by this song to do the editing on this one. Happy that you like it!
@violet48 Awww big thank you my love!!! ☺
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There is no real ending. It's just the place where you stop the story. All pics are mine.