Sweet rainy night... gn world.
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@dontget2close Sweet dreams.....best night to sleep is when the rain is coming down!! Nice shot btw... Lol
yup, totally - let it rain! :) thanks dear. Gn! :) @matt5864
@dontget2close great shot, I was thinking about photography you make it look so cool :)
@monster_alien thank you... I'm far from being a photographer though, I just point & shoot with my phone 90% of the time at stuff I find interesting :-) but thank you! If u like photography do it's fun and very addictive.
you should print your shots out and frame them and also try to sell them and start up a business doing that I'm sure it will do great, making money doing something you find fun and interesting is the best thing ever. but your welcome keep doing what you do I love seeing your shots whenever you post.
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There is no real ending. It's just the place where you stop the story. All pics are mine.