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lol...turn it off, i've been off autocorrect for a year now (recovering autocorrector) Tis the devil's work, it pretends to be your friend lulling you into a false sense of security, then when you least expect it it turns on you and makes you look like a numbnut!! Lol! I usually marinate in a little sesame oil, garlic, ginger, fresh ground black pepper and sea salt and the juice of a lemon -- then char-griddle them. Delicious :-)
Sweet spears~
will try...yum
@alfarman ...it is so good, and retains all it's nutrients :)
trying soon.....i love to cook
@alfarman me too. Being brought up with a chinese mother, there is no greater honour than to feed someone...to feed someone and to feed their soul, to put your love in what you're preparing for someone. I love cooking, my only downfall is I can only cook chinese/asian food but I'm educating myself regarding the world's cuisines. :)
Nice spears Sia. Love asparagus and so good for the liver.
@frankiefoto oh hell yeah! I can leave candy and rubbish and be perfectly content with a plate full of veggies (i was veggie for 16yrs)
I rarely eat red meat . Mostly chicken, turkey and fish. I have a raw green smoothie every morning. One apple, orange, carrot, spinach, grapes, and a heaping teaspoon of Chlorella. I also try to eat all my veggies raw or make soups in my Vitamix blender. High temperatures kills all the good stuff.
@frankiefoto music to my ears!!! Right there with ya
@LaRocka ...you will learn..you are what you eat
If you can cook, then you are a dream!
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