License Request

This photo is not yet available for licensing. Request one from LaRocka ☠♤☠ and we'll work with them to make it available.

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Thank you to the fantastic for the invite :)
thank you Colin :)
Exquisite <3
Thank you so much Brian , very much appreciated. Please feel free to add to the album :)
thank you Chris :)
@Shelia9 thank you sweetheart. Have you added to the album? I can't remember...your hair alone would be perfect :-) <3
My pleasure darling! I did thank you, lol...I'm re-pinking the hair right now!!! :-D @LaRocka
@Shelia9 awesome!!! I would love pink hair again, but my mother forbids it!! Despite being a grown woman, if i cross my fierce chinese mum there'll be hell to pay!!! Some things never change ;-))
@LaRocka Oh lord!! Don't cross mom!!! ;-) :-D
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