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Cool photo !! Love it!!✨
Absolutely wonderful! Somehow you have managed to make the grime...grimier!
@waldinaolivera hey there birthday suit buddy! You're awesome! Thank you
industrial filter feeder
Excellent textures, my friend. This might be my favorite so far.
@remoteviewing adore your comment Sharon.....thank you!!!☺
@ClockworkOrangutan than I'll need to crank Rammstein more often
Absolutely love this
Great Shot and exzellent bw!!!!
@steffimarla entirely wonderful comment and I thank you with huge admiration for the foto art you create. Always stunned by what you bring to EE! Amazing!!!✨
@Rikkr oh WOW! So a BIG thank you!!!!!
Wow, great shot!
@DigIt @fabio_1969 so pleased to meet you both and thank you for sharing your terrific art!! Both of your galleries are outstanding!!
@Rikkr So pleased to meet you too :) Thank you for sharing your wonderful images, just loved your gallery, truly inspirational. Honored by your comments☀☀☀thanks again :)
Or Sci-Fi ! Out of this works. I don't know how you do it!
@jenrla can I please tell you how very much I respect and appreciate you Jenny. I recently heard a great phrase and would like to say.....its to the 10th degree! Thank you friend! ☺
@Rikkr Did I start a new saying? Ha! You are too kind. XO
@jenrla you did! And I'm taking the liberty of using it whenever it applies
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