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The Planting of The Seed My second article for JUXT is sort of a follow up from my first “The Recipe” which outlined the tools I used to create storytelling photo essays. I intended to prepare a photo essay called “My Dead Sea” for this article. However the creative process can take you in a totally different direction if you allow it and I do. So I started writing notes for a story and the more I wrote, the more it began leading me in a totally different direction. I realized this was not going to be another essay but in fact my first novel called “The Seed”. So for JUXT only I will be showing how I put to use my guidelines from my first article to use in creating my novel. - , Craig C This is a beautiful and poignant article to lead into the creation of Craig's novel. We are excited for this series and more importantly where Craig is going to take us through this process. This is guaranteed to inspire so make sure to not miss this.
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