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This photo is not yet available for licensing. Request one from rikkr and we'll work with them to make it available.

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@CourtAndSpark that means a lot Trish! So admire your art! ❤✨
@jenrla PeAcE SisTA! ✌
THAT means a lot....thank you!!
I am nominating this! Please let us know which mobile device you used? Cheers!
@michmutters Hi! Pleased to meet you and thank you! not certain what this is nominated for, but it was shot and edited on an iPhone5. Cheers! ☺
@Rikkr if you tap the topic album and go to the AMPT image or follow @AMPt- you will find info - it is the challenges we conduct on EyeEm - if you do not know of AMPt please go to :) and thanks. I am just the co-ordinator of the challenges. There is a panel of 6 judges and the community votes the winner.
@michmutters thank Michelle! I'm on ampt and tag on IG, but only fairly recently. Appreciate the return information!
Love this, wonderful!
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