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This photo is not yet available for licensing. Request one from Marcello and we'll work with them to make it available.

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@dittespics ... Ditte... I love You !!! (sorry, but only if You are Female !! ) ;-)))
Lol I am female! Love you too
beautiful shot!
On the road again? I can see that love is in the air ;-) Beautiful shot!
@dittespics ... Ok... I took a risk !!!! Well, then confirm what I said before !! hahaha ;-)) .. a flower 4 u !!
@e_ginjuxoxo Many thanks Dear !! :-)
Thank you Marcello! :)
@dede69 Right Desirée, the roads are part of our life ... ;-)) Thanks !!
My pleasure as always ;-)
@happyorange88 Many thanks Michelle !!
Thanks Zoe !! :-)
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Hi all. Amateur Photographer From Tuscany