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Let's see if this photo does not mysteriously disappear like a previous one from Paris.
Great Composition Diaz ))
Beautiful!Long time no see!I missed your photos‼
where are you my dear!
@SamDorianJr thank you dear, love paris & balloons so it's a natural combination!
@katzu thanks you, much appreciated!
merci Eric, oui j'hésitais à revenir sur EE. Quelques unes de mes photos ont disparu et voilà ça m'a bien énervée! mais bon; toi et des autres photographes m'ont beaucoup manqué^^
@dagli Hi dear, I was waiting for the Iphone update to block undesirables and see if some bugs are gone. I hope this is the case!
waiting over photographic
@sakapito thank my dear, you are the best!
@dagli indeed! have a lovely day sweetie
oui j'ai deja bloque au moins 100, maintnenat je me repose^^
Linda fotoI!! (se te echaba de menos)
Gracias guapisima!
Que tu es charmant cher Eric ^^
@piojo aww gracias, que linda
gracias! me encanta Paris y los balones así que es una combinación perfecta!
Me alegro de que volvieras. Un beso.
excellent combination, good creation
@piojo y yo también me alegra estar de vuelta
@wallyarqui awww thank you very much!
@wyehyeh thank you my friend
must be a best photo - ever
@Rainsworth Awww that's so kind of you
Beautiful Paris. I have a timeshare in Paris
@ma_13 great; I hope you get to use your Paris timeshare often
Merci !! Toi aussi
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