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AMPt - Home From Home
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Great composition! ♥
@slasky Ciao! Grazie per aver partecipato! È una bella fotografia. Spiegaci perché questa è la vostra "casa lontano da casa". anche ssayw il dispositivo utilizzato e chiedere 3 amici a unirsi a voi - grazie! (Google Translate) ^ ^
thanks my friend, there are many beautiful pictures to the challenge, I do not participate to win but to make a contribution ... thanks again
thank you @michmutters , "home from home" because before I lived there, but now I moved ... I used the iPhone 4 as all photos taken here on EyeEm..
amazing image. your gallery is exceptional! now gladly following.
@vincentsamuelphotographer thank you very much for appreciating my work, thanks for following me!
Your photo gallery is beautiful!!!
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i P h o n e o g r a p h e r Rome, Italy.