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Muhteşem olmuş bu kare!!!!!!!
@StCan cok cok tesekkur ederim:))
@hayalci cok tesekkur ederim, sevindim begendigine :) :)
@ayscif cok tesekkur ederim caniiim:)
süper bir resim sisim, harikasin
@ebyozy cok tesekkur ederim sisim, sen de oyle<3
merci beaucop:)) nope it is a tower called Galata Tower, famous striking landmarks of the city since 14th century
cok tesekkur ederim hem de cok cok:)))
thanks a lot my dear:))
@ColoradoJulie many thanks dear Julie:))
Superb shot! Great composition! ♥
@Lucia_C1 thanks a lot Lucia <3
@360drce cok tesekkur ederim,
cok tesekkur ederim canim<3
@humpbackwhale thank you, lovely to hear that:))
fotograflarin hepsi cok guzel @figolina
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