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Book Fundraiser: Love A fundraiser for an amazing photographer and friend fighting cancer Most of us are drawn to social networking sites because of the interaction they provide us, the interpersonal relations with friends near and far, the glimpses into the lives of people we may never meet. But, on occasion, social networking can serve a higher purpose Many of us were devastated by the news that our dear friend, Alessio Castaldo @Ale, was diagnosed with cancer last fall. We have pulled together to help Ale and his family in the only way that makes sense: through our photographs. We have compiled a collection of gorgeous images, the theme of which is simply, "Love," to benefit Ale's family. Love is one of his favorite subjects, and perfectly conveys the origin of this collaboration. It is the photographs that brought us all together, and the Love that has gathered us into a global family Please see (please click on the banners) for more information on the project, and to be directed to this beautiful book. From now until February 8, 2013, there is a 25% off discount. It is only available through the Juxt site. Thanks to @Grryo @blurb_books for this opportunity.
yes we did it!!!! Ale you're in our heart everyday
thank you and all the best @Ale !!
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