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  • Rod
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My sunset (view from the grass). My EyeEm still don't let me post photos with high definition. And my comments and likes sometimes disappear... Good night my dear friends !
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gorgeous! wonderful view!
love your photos - hi def or not!
Stunning Rodrigo ( and I'm ready to toss my phone.. eyeem keeps getting stuck)
Bellisima Rodrigo
same issues here. :/ and I'm starting to get into a groove with eye em. hope it gets fixed so my new friends don't think I'm igniting them! superb sunset!!
I can't post really high quality pics either. I have to shrink down everything before I post. I wonder if that's the app or my phone... Anyway, great picture! I've been trying to focus everything right to get a pic like this one.
beautiful indeed!
Esse problema da foto não aparecer eu resolvi limpando o cache no menu, settings. Valeu pelo fofo comentário!
Same problem here! Ugh!! Beautiful shot!
me too, sometime double post
Press SHIFT + ENTER to make a line-break
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