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Tony Marquez: In a Day So, we’re all creatures of habit and I suppose I’m no different. my day starts with what I refer to as the “essentials”. Some vintage Levi’s, Alden’s, a scarf, and a cardigan seem to make up my daily uniform. The accessories I never leave home without; a wrist watch (even though my cell phone is perfectly capable of keeping time), money clip (in lieu of a wallet), comb (never hair gel) iPhone (basically my life cord), and some reading material (in this case, an Alec Soth book, but varies from habitus to monocle). Religiously I check my morning blogs, The Sartorialist, Hyperallergic, Politico, Convoy, Mr. Porter, Return of the Cafe Racer, and glance the headlines of the New York Times. A full morning all before my kids are awake. - @shoeboxtony, Tony Marquez Tony shows us his day for the Juxt_InADay Series brought to you by Joanna. Click the link to read the full article and learn more about Tony
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