-26C/-15F can be still beautiful. Good morning everybody!!
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@takeshi007 Ohayo gozaimasu!!
@tarulp Ohayo:) your Japanese great!
only few phrases I've learned from my friends. :)
Lovely! I have -23 ❄
here in rome +5 but I prefer your cool! Good Morning @Axman70 @tarulp !!
@slasky Buongiorno! :) @Axman70 God morgon!! :)
God morgon och ha en underbar dag för det ska jag ha
Tack @Axman70 Vi har samma prognos för idag. Hrrrrr!!! Jag ska stanna hem 
haha! keep warm ;)
 Thanks, it's -13C anymore so we will survive @badjo
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Restoring the moments of my life and collecting memories only using iPhone4s for taking shots and editing. Dreaming of being somewhere else.