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Starting today we will be featuring artists that use the tag and who's work we find to be of high quality. This week I am honored to present to you Paula Gardener @Jahsharn. Please visit her feed to see more beautiful work.
Great, congrats Paula! @Jahsharn
Excellent choice! Congrats Paula! @Jahsharn
From the brutally talented @Jahsharn !!!
Thank you so much everyone at Juxt I was out all day. So this was such, wonderful surprise I'm so overwhelmed! Thank you from the bottom of my heart
@Grryo @merygou @njcarron @wunderali @bridgettesxo @imageconjurer @kickin Thank you all so much, I'm so happy beyond words! Thank you
@Jahsharn Gorgeous shot Paula!
great shot! congrats
how wonderful! congratulations Paula! @Jahsharn
@ColoradoJulie @muzbanger @to_be @maydi45 @newroadmap Thank you all so much, for all your kind comments
Congratulations, Paula!!! @Jahsharn - This is such a fantastic image!!!! Great choice @Grryo !!!
congratulations!!! fantastic work, as always!!
wow! this shot is insanely good!
@jinx @Sxethang @kaphinga @jgt1 Thank you all so much, all you're comments mean the world!!
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