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Juergen Buergin


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what a pleasure to see it large !
thks for following, love your captures, really amazing, keep shooting ;)
the whole photo is busy & catchy - great
@juergenbuergin what a wonderful composition . perfect timing!
wonderful grid!!
what an image! Klasse
very nice!! :)
great capture with the contrasting patterns of the windows and the umbrella! brilliant!!!
gigant! pov, schirm, fenster. wow!!
ausdruck...usw! :)
So sorry for telling u this, but maybe would be even better shot if u crop in square and no sky mode. Don't want to be impolite, just my opinion :)
2nd time I like this one, your photos are even nicer on EyeEm
outstanding patterns!
excellent!! you have a fantastic gallery!
sublime photo!!
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Urban photographer from Berlin, Rain, night, light, darkness and other obsessions.