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lens flare, sunbeam, sun, silhouette, fountain, sunset, night, back lit, motion, bright, long exposure, illuminated, dark, sunlight, outline, light, enjoyment, alone, fun, glowing, leisure activity
  • J L Sáez
  • 1296 x 1296px
  • ID #1716105
  • Release(s) missing
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Wou it's amazing
@radioactividad gracias amigo! cómo va la mudanza? ;)
your welcome @jl_saez. do you speak Spanish?? This photo made with an iPhone??
preciosa JL
woow .. nice ..
@katapult muito obrigado Luis
@ibelicesilva sí, español, y siempre con iPhone ;)
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iPhone | backlight | dream AMPt Member IG + kik @jl_saez