life begin at 40.. :-) Heartbeat Moments blackandwhite
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Well look great! :-)
@jen_the_ordinary ... hahhaha... everything chance in 40years..but this is me... live & happy... :-) ...thax a lot dear friend...
@uiknugraha well actually is more probably a woman is more happy at 40 than 20 simply bcuz the hormones don't control u anymore, and that obsecion of having kids and get married go.
@HelenaJareteg ... thank you helena fr ur compliment... you too my friend... pure beauty wth beautiful eyes... :-) .glad to know you... :-)
@jen_the_ordinary .. you are right jen.. thats the true meaning of life... :-)
@uiknugraha glad that I met U! and thanx for Your compliment! ;)
how beautiful U ;)
you are beautiful women !
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