Youth Culture 2021

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Youth Culture 2021
Your Mission
In this Market Mission, we are looking for a broad variety of different representations of today’s youth culture around the globe.
What makes the younger generations of today unique? We’d love to see images of young adults and teenagers pursuing hobbies and interests. From virtual hangouts to carefree attitudes, show us youth culture as you see it where you are!
Whether it be vlogging, streaming, and gaming, or stylish self-expression, our image buyers are currently searching for high-quality, commercial images (with photo releases) that tell the ‘coming of age' stories of 2021.
As this is a Market Mission, to make sure your commercial submissions stand out, find authentic stories that showcase emotional situations and memorable moments like first loves, driving tests, diverse family dynamics, engaging in demonstrations, or educational achievements.
The visual themes we’re looking for could be described by the keywords: youth culture, social media, video call, selfie, vlogging, dancing, gesturing, facial expression, carefree, confidence, hugging, cheering, driving test, graduation, protest, hobbies, socializing, text messaging, stylish, friendship.
We’re explicitly looking for new and fresh content and are excited to see where your creativity leads you!
Relevant and on brief images will get fast-tracked through our review process.
- As always, we are explicitly looking for diversity in models, especially across age, gender and ethnicity.
- Make sure to use relevant and specific keywords describing what can be seen on the image
- Submit the highest resolution possible from your camera, along with a minimum dpi of 300. Clients will pay more for images that go to print advertising, and in that case, a large resolution file is crucial.
- Ignore safety guidelines when shooting. Ensure you’re physically distanced and ensure you’re abiding by safety regulations in your area
- Forget photo releases! Make sure you get correct model releases and property release for your images
- Capture sister shots. We need to show our clients variety and so the more variety in your angles, locations, props, and models, the better.
Prize Details

The Prize

Relevant and on brief images will get fast-tracked through our review process and a selection of the best will be proactively shared with our largest clients for licensing.


about 2 months

EyeEm Market Tip

Winning photos could be licensed commercially, therefore please ensure your images have been added to Market with the relevant model releases.

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