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Your Mission

The way we see mobility is changing. With serious effects of climate change filling our news feeds at a rapid rate, our team of curators are currently working on a number of client briefs that tap into new mobility and transport trends. Your images are more likely to sell if they transcend the stereotypical ideas of transportation, and visualize modern, sustainable, and community focused ways of getting around.

It’s time to represent real life decisions - how do you get from A to B? What are the small changes you’ve made to your lifestyle and how would you capture them? How have you made your daily commute cleaner?

Our images buyers want to see photos of groups of real people on their commutes to work, how you and your friends come together with a common purpose and use modern travel methods to make a difference.

We are looking for images with the Keywords:

- Electric vehicle

- Electric car

- Electrical Bicycle

- Electric scooter

- Ride sharing

- Car sharing

- Car pooling


- Swap out some of your single portrait photos for images of groups, vehicles and charging points.

- Make sure all images have relevant model/property releases

- Don’t forget to shoot both used and parked vehicles

- Showcase how new methods of mobility seamlessly become a part of everyday moments

- Capture diverse groups of people, couples, and single individuals

- Show us how all ages are getting involved


- Add images with visible brand names

- Feature brand colors e.g. vehicles (top tip: try adjusting the saturation/hue)

Editors’ Tip: “Our buyers are always looking for images of groups with model releases. Steer away from single models and hands, instead get your friends together for your shoot to increase your chances of selling!”

Note: When shooting for Market, remember to submit the highest resolution possible from your camera, along with a minimum dpi of 300. Clients will pay more for images that go to print advertising, and in that case, a large resolution file is crucial.

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The Prize

Add your images to this Mission to be selected by our editors for industry-focused curations based on current Market Trends. This way you’ll increase your chances of selling your images to our biggest clients through our Premium collections.


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