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July 18th marks the 100th birthday of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. He was one of the most important political activists of our time, a symbol of peaceful resistance on behalf of human rights. Rolihlahla was his birth name: a Xhosa name given to him by his father, meaning “pulling the branch of a tree”, or “troublemaker”.
Inspired by his life-long fight against oppression and injustice we want to celebrate all the troublemakers world-wide: those who fight for change, who help when no-one else is helping, those who stand up for everyone without a voice, even when facing resistance. For us they are the ones keeping Nelson Mandela’s legacy alive, because they remind us that every single one of us has the potential to change the world and why we should never stop caring. They could be social workers, volunteers, or activists demonstrating for a cause - we want you to go into your own community and document their stories.
Tip: To increase your chance of winning, tell us in the captions the story behind your picture(s), about the people you’re documenting and why you think they are troublemakers in the spirit of Nelson Mandela
Represent is a social empowerment platform founded by Nelson’s grandson, Kweku Mandela, which aims to shift youth culture values through impactful projects that promote the values of Mandela’s legacy.
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3 Grand Winners will receive a Google Pixel 2 phone and all winners will get featured in a global exhibition on Nelson Mandela's legacy