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Our image buyers are searching for food photography! To increase your chances of having your images sold, capture your favorite recipes and food stories.

Focus on what our image buyers are searching for and make sure your photos represent those elements. Whether it be a specific ingredient, a type of cuisine, or a recognisable dish, you'll be more likely to sell your photo if you're able to show them exactly what they are searching for.

Currently Most Searched Keywords:

- Street Food

- Asian Food

- Indian Food

- Seafood

- Red Wine

- Onion

- Marshmallow


- Avoid busy images with lots of patterns and textures. Instead show good composition, effective lighting and food always as the centre of attention

- Capture a variety of shots - food or dishes on their own or with individuals and groups of people interacting with them

- If people are recognisable in your images make sure all images have relevant model/property releases


- Forgot to be specific and accurate with your tags - add the main or visible ingredients or the cuisine type to help image buyers find your work. Image buyer searches are specific, in other words they won't buy a picture of an onion if they searched for Indian food.

Editor’s Essential Tips:

1) Avoid sister shots, but don't be afraid of capturing different angles of the same dish. You can try shooting it on its own, on a table with other plates, or on the go.

2) Image buyers are always looking for authentic images that their audience can relate to. Think about what you're already making, eating, or shooting and maximise the opportunities to get more content to sell!

Note: When shooting for Market, remember to submit the highest resolution possible from your camera, along with a minimum dpi of 300. Clients will pay more for images that go to print advertising, and in that case, a large resolution file is crucial.

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Add your images to this Mission to be selected by our editors for industry-focused curations based on current Market Trends. This way you’ll increase your chances of selling your images to our biggest clients through our Premium collections.


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Food And Drink
Food Hands
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Food Grass
The first time
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Cropped hand preparing food on table
Apple pie with
Drink Food Food
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Bowl Food Food
Childhood Food
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Pizza Time

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