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What’s a Mission?

Missions are weekly community-wide photo competitions in partnership with brands, magazines and other clients. They provide a brief of what they’re looking for and you submit photos to match. The best ones get published, exhibited, or win special prizes.

Your Mission

PANTA Magazine was born with the idea that art should be valued regardless of the context it’s presented in. Whether it’s on the street, in a public park, at the office, in the kitchen, in a school; art in all its shapes and forms (music, performance, visual) is everywhere! Much like beauty, art is in the eye or lens of the beholder - just make sure you upload a photo of it!

The Prize

10 winning photographers will be selected and receive a copy of issue 12 of PANTA Magazine. The top 5 images from the selection will be featured in issue 12 of PANTA Magazine and the top 3 photographers will also receive an annual subscription to PANTA Magazine (3 issues).


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