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Wood Pictures, Photos and Images

From Ornately Carved Mahogany to Natural Oak: Our Wood Pictures will Suite all Tastes and Styles

Our pictures of wood encompass all different subjects: from decorative wood carvings and stylish outdoor furniture to simpler rustic furnishings and even forest landscapes. It’s a material so prevalent in all our lives, so it’s easy to understand why we’re all fascinated by beautiful wood photos.Our photographers have been out and about photographing everything from intricate designs and old tree trunks; whatever you’re thinking of for your wood photo, you can be sure we’ve got the perfect image waiting for you in our online albums

With our diverse pictures of wood, you can bring the forest into your workspace or mount pictures of carved wooden statues into your living room. Your company printouts and presentation materials can also be spruced up with creative wood photos, as well as any upcoming magazine or editorial runs.

Wood can be used for so many different purposes, much like our picture of wood on EyeEm Market. Because we know you’ll have loads of different ideas for your wood photo, all of our images are sold without any royalties restricting their usage. But this doesn’t mean you have to pay more upfront - all of our licenses keep each wood picture reasonably priced and affordable for all budgets.

So head on over to our EyeEm Market to see the kind of wood photos our dynamic photographers have been creating. With such a large international community, we’re able to offer unique and bespoke wood photography you’ll want to keep coming back to!