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Indulge Your Inner Hedonist with EyeEm’s Heady Weed Pics

Do you love puzzles? Guess what this is: it is green, it grows, you can set it on fire, and some people love it, while others are not fans. If you guessed we were talking about weed, you are right. Whether growing in the garden or rolled into a joint, weed can prove an intriguing subject for resourceful photographers, as you can see here in the EyeEm collection.

Why choose EyeEm over one of the other similarly photo-oriented platforms out there? First off, EyeEm is a fast-growing community that brings together over 15 million photography enthusiasts eager to experiment with filters, effects and angles. EyeEm offers convenient editing tools that can considerably boost the value and appeal of your photography, and if you are satisfied with the outcome, you can even enter your visual masterpieces into competitions, gaining much-needed exposure and the chance to win cool prizes.

The best thing about our community is the fact that our stock is royalty-free, so you can get your hands on all the weed photos you want without risking bankruptcy or utter intoxication. If weed is your favorite plant, you do not have to go around picking up stalks for your herbarium – just join EyeEm and start browsing. We have all the leaf you need ready for printing and downloading – you just need to log in, search our weed category, and take your pic(k).