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Have Your Wedding Cake and Eat it with EyeEm Photography Team

For most people, their wedding is a major milestone, and one of the most joyous of days in life. It is the memory we want to preserve forever. Unfortunately, wedding cakes usually do not survive the happy event – unless you take pics of them while they are still at least halfway whole. Snap a picture of the happy couple cutting out their wedding cake and post it on EyeEm, a place where memories last an eternity.

EyeEm bring together over 15 million photographers, each eager to promote their work and access the creations posted by other members. With the help of 24 creative filters and a multitude of effects, even an average-looking photo can become a masterpiece and win over scores of admirers. As a member of our large community, you can even take part in competitions and win cool prizes!

A place where individuals and brands can license and source authentic images, EyeEm can help any visual artist get a foothold on the global photography scene. With EyeEm as your trump card, you can have your cake and eat it, so go ahead and sign up as soon as possible. The best days are yet to come, so be ready to take memorable wedding cake photos and make sure your artistic voice heard in the crowd.