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Cities are incredible places. Caught in a constant transition between the past and the present, the dramatic collision of people and architecture produce some of the most photogenic landscapes on the planet. Urban photography can capture what makes a city iconic - or it can show us the place we inhabit in an entirely new light. The global EyeEm community of urbanites are stationed around the world. From the Big Apple to the gleaming Gulf futurism of Dubai, explore a new visual perspective at EyeEm Market.

Urban photography is ideal if you need to localize your project or if you are planning to expand your business into new markets. Help identify your brand and connect it to the right places with our urban pictures. We ensure that all the images on EyeEm Market are of professional quality and ready for use straight away. In addition to this, our expertly curated albums are regularly updated, so at EyeEm we always have fresh, real urban photography.

The EyeEm community of mobile photographers are reinventing urban landscape photography. Our platform is designed to aid an emerging generation in creating a new aesthetic. That’s why at EyeEm we welcome your participation. With an EyeEm Mission you can energize our talented urban photographers to capture a truly original photo. With millions of photographers in our network the creative possibilities are endless.

Our straightforward licensing agreements are designed to keep things simple. Once you’ve found the perfect urban photo on EyeEm Market, whether it’s for editorial, commercial or personal use, you can choose the option that works for you. Plus, our transparent pricing system means that there are no hidden surprises. So check out the range of royalty-free urban images, and see what EyeEm can do for you.