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Unicorns, the Most Magical Segment of EyeEm’s Photo Stock

Life is not all butterflies and unicorns – but without them, the world would be a much gloomier place! Get your fix of unicorns and all creatures magical right here on EyeEm: our stock boasts some of the world's best unicorn images edited using premium tools and effects. By signing up for EyeEm membership, you will get access to royalty-free photography stock and a chance to share your own magical creations with other lovers of fairy tale scenes and fantastic creatures.

Designed with the aim of promoting both up-and-coming and established photographers, EyeEm offers 24 innovative filters and effects to fine-tune any detail you might have neglected during the shooting. With us, image sharing is made super-simple: all it takes is just a few clicks, and your photo is up and accessible to everyone who cares to view it. This also means major brands can access it – and, if you are talented enough, you may even find yourself being contacted by an international company looking for young talented photographers for collaboration on visual content projects.

Apart from hassle-free image promotion, EyeEm is a place where you can check out other camera-lovers' work and get inspiration for your next photo session or find illustrations for a PowerPoint presentation, website design or advertising campaign. Unicorns are a reality at EyeEm – check out our stock and see for yourself just how beautiful these magical creatures can be.

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