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The time of day that breeds mysteries and magic: Twilight

Twilight is a mystical time of day: as lights go out and darkness begins to take over, even the most familiar of landscapes and settings take on a whole new guise. In moments of twilight, nothing is certain – shadows can creep up unexpectedly from corners and change everything in the blink of an eye. Capture the moment of metamorphosis with EyeEm: our photography-oriented platform has both the tools and the audience to help you present your masterpieces in the best of (twi)lights.

Before you share your photos with the rest of the world, you can try out EyeEm's innovative filters and special effects to experiment with colors, contrasts and modes. Twilight photography masters are actually playful children at heart, and they are constantly developing their skills through trial and error. Once you manage to create a visual masterpiece on film, however, you are no longer an amateur – and you have the option to take part in EyeEm's annual contest and get a chance to win one of our special prizes, as well as a whole new audience.

On days when the spark is lacking, EyeEm can help you find much-needed inspiration: as our member, you can access our entire stock royalty-free and download and print out any twilight images you like without concerns about copyright issues. EyeEm is your photography go-to, come rain, shine or twilight: we have everything you need to help you rise to photography’s top tiers.