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Astounding Tiger Photos with Simple Licensing Agreements

Nothing in nature has a more striking visual impact than the shocking contrast of the tiger’s black and orange stripes. Whether you wish to display the majesty of the untamed wild nature of the animal, or you want to capture its more vulnerable side, EyeEm is always here for you with a rich array of beautifully composed photographs of tigers.

Images of tigers in their natural habitat never fail to amaze us. With this in mind, EyeEm has been on a mission to produce an unsurpassed collection of unique and arresting tiger images for you to use in your creative projects. We have gathered the world’s most talented photographers who have only one thing on their mind – to provide you with mind-blowing photographs for every occasion. What EyeEm is unique for is its royalty-free licensing that enables you to use our tiger photographs in a range of editorial and commercial applications.

Being an international marketplace and a community for real photography, EyeEm prides itself on its enviable range of editing tools and filters that take tiger photography to the next level. We are the synonym for quality, individuality and innovation and are certain you will find the perfect tiger image to create the effect you wish.