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If you are considering adding a teasing piece to your lingerie collection but cannot seem to find the right design, browse EyeEm for inspiration. With over 60 million images submitted by our satisfied community members around the globe, our photography platform aims to promote both amateurs and professionals looking to improve their photography skills and win over a whole new audience.

With EyeEm, you can tease and please at the same time: our stock includes top of the crop thong photographs, edited with the help of our innovative filters and visual effects and organized into hundreds of searchable categories. Once a year, we organize photography contests, so, if you consider your art worthy of recognition, you can enter your thong photos in our competition for the opportunity to win a cool prize and an extra pinch of fame.

Becoming a photography master is easy when you have EyeEm on your side. Try out our convenient image editing tools and experiment with styles: EyeEm has just the audience for your work, regardless of whether you aim to tease or please.