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Star Pictures, Photos and Images

Pictures of Stars with Astronomical Levels of Creativity

There’s no better way to make your project dazzle than with star images edited and shared using the EyeEm app. In fact, our constellation of star photography is world-class and bursting with gorgeous nebulas and stunning time lapses, so before wishing upon a shooting star, see stock photography afresh and let EyeEm help your brand or project sparkle.

If you’re working on your company’s social media presence, a printed editorial piece for a local publication, or are creating attention-grabbing web ads to promote your new venture, EyeEm Market has been designed with you in mind. Browsing our galaxy of star photography and catching a falling star image to use time and time again have never been so hassle-free!

If trawling the internet for stand-out stock images is making you see stars, EyeEm’s solar system of sparkling star images will leave you inspired. Let us illuminate your brand’s creative needs and help you identify your artistic vision. Whether or not you know your Orion from your Big Dipper, our community of astronomy-loving photographers are shooting star photos brighter than you’ll find elsewhere on the internet. Making their star pictures twinkle using our sophisticated Open Edit software, their masterpieces are yours to browse, order and use as you wish, all thanks to EyeEm Market.

To connect your brand with up-and-coming photographers and astronomers from near and far, take a gaze at pictures of stars from EyeEm. We’ll help you shoot for the stars and propel your web, print or TV project to success, without the huge price tag. Our star pictures come royalty-free and competitively priced, and our licensing agreements couldn’t be easier to understand! Highly creative stock photography from EyeEm - it’s not rocket science!