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Sharp and Sinister: Scroll Through EyeEm Scary Skull Image Stock

Dark and sinister, the image of an ancient, dirt-smeared skull is enough to send shivers down your spine. Or is it? Well, this depends on the perspective and the tools you opt for when portraying the subject matter. Here at EyeEm, we understand the importance of innovative angles, filters and effects in image editing, and our platform allows you to make the most of every pic you capture, be it ominous or not.

Memorable photography masterpieces are the result of the interplay of talent, experience and quality editing instruments – and there is so much more to the craft than idyllic landscapes and wildlife caught in action. True artists put their heart and soul into their calling, rendering at times bone-chilling depictions of violence, sorrow and pain in the most moving of ways. EyeEm is the perfect place to start sharing your unique take on life, even when your subject matter is something as divisive and mysterious as a splintered skull.

With over 60 million users across the globe, EyeEm is one of the fastest-growing photo sharing platforms, and a place where you can post even the darkest aspects of your photography work without fear of being booed off the stage. Let your creativity play out in the open: promote your images via EyeEm and access the work of like-minded camera lovers in a flash. Do not keep your photography skeletons in the closet: throw them out and see how they fare in the crowd.