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From Dawn to Dusk, Browse Stand-Out Silhouette Pictures from EyeEm

Black and white art and design has come a long way since the days of traditional mini silhouette portraits cut from black card that were all the rage in the 18th century! Today, silhouette photography plays with light and form, capturing familiar shapes and unfamiliar objects in shadow form. From cityscapes at dawn to a cloudy sunset behind playing children, black really is the new black, and silhouette pictures from EyeEm will help you to make light work of your stock photography search.

For the inexperienced photographer, silhouette photography can pose a true challenge and really put his or her camerawork to the test, but mastering low-lit environments and learning to play with light and shape is the key to becoming a truly amazing photographer. And we here at EyeEm are in no doubt that our global scattering of emerging photography stars have got silhouette images mastered! Using our strong Open Edit software to up the contrast on their artistic masterpieces, the final results are a sight to behold!

Silhouette images make perfect backdrops, but also stand out as the focal piece, so whether it’s for web ads, social media visuals, a journalistic print piece or a record cover, discover the contrast and diversity of silhouette photography at EyeEm. Connecting your new venture or team of professional marketers with the world’s finest young mobile photographers has never been easier, and silhouette pictures from EyeEm are the perfect answer to your creative needs.

With royalty-free access to a vast library of world-class silhouette images, flooding your brand’s visuals with high-contrast stock photography is straightforward. Find the silhouette photo to give your project the edge, only with EyeEm.