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Royalty Free Scary Images with Simple Licensing Agreements

Scary, dark, gloomy, macabre and menacing photographs never fail to evoke feelings of mystery and intrigue. Whether they depict a seemingly innocent doll, a lone cottage in the woods or a dimly lit street alley, scary photographs from EyeEm are going to cause goosebumps and are perfect for your next spooky project. If you equip yourself with EyeEm’s extraordinary editing tools and filters, the opportunities for unique images are endless.

EyeEm prides itself on bringing unique images to the market and with our carefully crafted collections, you too can join us and share your vision. We gather talented individuals from all around the world and invite them to become a part of our extremely creative family. Although spooky and chilling, scary photographs capture attention and have the power to make you stop and think.

EyeEm is always there for you with our easy-to-understand licensing agreements for both commercial and editorial purposes. This means you can always put your trust in us if you want your scary photos to be completely cleared of copyrights. What makes EyeEm stand out in the market are its royalty-free images, meaning that you will never have to pay licensing fees!