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Bring out Your Emotive Side with our Collection of Sad Photography

Our online albums of sad stock photos may be appear unhappy, but we’re sure you’ll turn your frown upside down when you realise all the potential they could bring to your next project! Atmospheric lighting and melancholic expressions combine to create intimate portraits and dramatic pictures in all of our curated photography albums.Our photographers have interpreted sadness in their unique ways; we’re sure their sad pictures will give you something to smile about, however you chose to use them!

There’s so many ways to use your chosen sad photos: add a personal touch to any work projects, display them on your walls for an artistic touch to your interiors, or even use them in a forthcoming magazine edition.

Buying your sad images from our EyeEm Market won’t upset you; in fact, all of our excellent benefits will have the opposite effect! Our licenses are competitively priced, meaning all budget sizes will be able to find an affordable price tag for your sad photo.

It’s never been just as quick and simple to purchase such beautiful sad pics. We’ve collected such a vast amount in our online albums, all of which have been carefully curated so you won’t have to waste too much time looking at unsuitable images while searching for your perfect pic! So if you’ve found it tricky finding the best possible sad image for your project, we can help you on EyeEm Market - we’re already excited to see all the ways you’ll end up putting our photographers’ photography to use!