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You’re Always in Luck with Rainbow Images from EyeEm

Brightening up even the grayest of days and the dullest of landscapes, rainbow stock photos from EyeEm will bring a splash of color and a ray of luck to whatever you may be working on. Occurring when raindrops break sunlight into the seven colors of the spectrum, rainbows are the perfect photo opportunity, and our collection of rainbow images will give you the chance to explore this magical phenomenon from fresh perspectives.

Whether it’s the rainbow of colors painted over a cityscape or forming a dome over a rural landscape, or even caught in the thunder of a waterfall on a sunny day, rainbow pictures capture the natural world at its most fascinating and most beautiful, but pose a real challenge to the amateur photographer. Thankfully, EyeEm’s global community of emerging young photographers is highly experienced, constantly astounding us with their talent. Don’t believe us? Browse pictures of rainbows at EyeEm to find out for yourself.

According to legend, there is a pot of gold to be found at the end of a rainbow and, given the breathtaking beauty of the rainbow photos uploaded to EyeEm on a daily basis, we’re inclined to believe it! Our curated photo albums are overflowing with uplifting rainbow images from panoramic landscapes around the world and, thanks to our very own Open Edit, photographers can use professional retouching software to give their snaps the finishing touches. Each rainbow image is, therefore, completely unique.

If you’re launching a series of web ads to promote your new venture, or are looking to give your existing promotional material a facelift, royalty-free pictures of rainbows from EyeEm are the answer and, thanks to our straightforward licensing agreements, it couldn’t be easier to get collaborate with us. Connect your brand with up-and-coming photographers and find your pot of gold!