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One of the world's most picturesque islands, Puerto Rico is a dream come true for every true romantic eager to experience adventures in the midst of a tropical paradise. With a population of over 3.5 million people, Puerto Rico is sometimes referred to as the island of enchantment, and for good reason, too: with a number of beautiful beaches, colorful urban settings and a diverse population, the island is probably the closest to exotic heaven we can get anywhere on Earth. You too can explore Puerto Rico with EyeEm: our stunning stock features some of the world's most captivating images of the little Caribbean island taken by locals and tourists eager to share their fascination with the rest of the community.

A community of over 15 million photographers with a penchant for innovative perspectives, EyeEm features 24 different filters and visual effects which you can use to enhance your Puerto Rico images before posting. In addition to providing you with the possibility of sharing your work with others, EyeEm also lets you download and print out images for PowerPoint presentations, website illustrations and a range of other purposes without worrying about royalties and copyright issues. And, if photography fame is what you are after, you can also take part in our annual competitions and win both fresh admiration and cool prizes!

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