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Explore EyeEm's stock of psychedelic colors and patterns

Playing with colors, patterns and shapes is one of the most appealing aspects of photography for many an aspiring visual artist. Before you fall into a creative revelry, take a quick peek at EyeEm's collection of psychedelic images – with a wide range of trance-inspiring images, we promise to draw you in and lift you up in a matter of minutes.

Joining together over 15 million users worldwide, EyeEm is an online photography-dedicated platform that allows users to edit their visual work with the help of 24 different filters and special effects, and experiment with style, before they go on to share their pictures. Browse through hundreds of EyeEm's categories and explore the interplay of shapes and colors, or contribute your own works and participate in our annual contests - you never know, your psychedelic masterpiece may be our next year's award winner!

Superior photography is characterized by original combinations of form and content, and with EyeEm, you have the best tools at your disposal to create photographic masterpieces and share your love for graphic art with the rest of the world.